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A Natural Cleanser And Charger; Placing Your Stones Here Will Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals Naturally. Pop Your Stones Here Overnight Next To Your Bed Or Windowsill To Have Them Charged For The Next Day. It Is Also A Cute Way To Keep Them All In ONE Place And Safe.

Selenite Charger Plates & Heart Shaped Bowls

SKU: 364215375135191
5 Pounds
Excluding Sales Tax |
Color: White
  • These Selenite Charging Plates With Its Shimmery Pearl-Like Luster Has Deep Healing Crystal Plate & Cleansing Characteristics. It Has The Ability To Shield A Person Or Space  From Negative Energies, And Restore Mental Clarity With Smooth Flow Of Postive Energy. There Are Two Heart Shaped Bowls And One Each Of The Other Charging Plates.

    1. Family Tree Charger  Plate

    1. Angel Wings Charger Plate

    1. Flower Charger Plate

    2. Heart Shaped Bowls

    Please Specify  Which You Would like To Purchase.

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