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Powerful Protection Remedy For Any Space Also Aids In Manifesting Money And Ridding Negative Energies From The Home. This Can BE Used Inside Or Outside Your Space As A Floor Wash, A Dressing For Candle Magic, For Safe Travel, To Draw In Business, & Nullifying Evil Intentions Set Against You. It comes Already Infused With Many Protective Herbs Such As Sage And Cinnamon, In Addition To Being Blessed And Prayed Over, This Brick Dust Smells Amazing And As A Floor Wash Will Have Your Home Refreshed With An Invigorating Aroma. 

Ole Fashioned Red Brick Dust

PriceFrom $20.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Simply Sprinkle Over Your Threshholds And Windows For Powerful Protection, Create  A Reddening Mix With Ammonia Or Vinegar And Wash Dpwn Doors, Windows, & Threshholds For Abundance In Prosperity As Well As Nullifying Evil In Your Home. Encircle Candles For The Same Powerful Protection & Prosperity Methods.

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