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Start With An Open Heart And Mind With The Intention To Recieve Blessings That Will Cleanse You And Your Space. Open All The Windows And Doors In Your Home To Allow AIR To Circulate & Negative Energy To Escape. Light One End Of The Sage, Burn For A Few Seconds And Then Gently Blow It Out To Release A Small Trail Of Smoke. Circulate Around Your Home, Relighting And Fanning As Needed. You May Pray Or Recite Postive Affirmations As You Work Throgh Your Space. When Finished, Extinguish The Flame. Burn As Often As You Feel A Desire To Create Calmness, Purity, & Balance.


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  • EUCALYPTUS SAGE: Powerful Smudge Stick Tool That Can Help To Remove Negative Energy From Your Space. It Can Also Be Helpful For Relieving Congestion, Headaches, And Tension. Inhaling The Smoke Of Sage Promotes Healing And Peace.

    PEPPERMINT & WHITE SAGE: This Unique Blend Combines The Cleansing Properties Of White Sage With The Refreshing & Invigorating Scent Of Peppermint Stimualting Mental Focus And Clarity. Peppermint Is Known For Its Antibacterial, AntiViral, And Anti-Inflammatory Properties, While The Sage Helps To Purify And Dispel Negativity.

    LEMON BASIL & WHITE SAGE: When Lit It Produces A Thick White Smoke That Has An Earthy Scent. White Sage Is Known To Purify A Space From Negative Energy And Helps Us Release What Is No Longer Serving Us.It Offers Protection, Spiritual Healing And Wisdom. Lemon Basil Has A Long History Of Uses, Not only In Culinary And Medicinal Purposes. It Possess's A Citrusy Scent That Is Both Calming & Uplifting. Basil Is An HERB Originally from Asia That Is Used For Good Luck, Prosperity, And Abundance

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